Hurry Up And Wait (demo)

by Low Octane

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An ode to everything that is stealing precious moments of your life.


No way to turn around, trapped in this tangled town
Can’t put the pedal down – hurry up and wait
Trapped in the blazing heat, melting into the seat
Can’t make it past this street – hurry up and wait
You plan far ahead, try to figure it out
Sure that this time it won’t take you long
But each path you choose, every route that you take
Every road that you travel is wrong
The line starts down the hall, another cattle call
Outside the bathroom stall – hurry up and wait
Your turn to pay the toll, nothing in your control
Late payment on your soul – hurry up and wait
Frustrating by design, dead weight and stuck behind
Sucking up all your time – hurry up and wait
Be with you in a sec, “can I pay with a check?”
I’m gonna break your neck! – hurry up and wait
The minutes are agony, movement is stalled
Pound on the wheel, scream and shout
It’s best to face up to the fact that you’re stuck
And death is the only way out!
Might as well settle in, not ready to begin
No way that you can win – hurry up and wait
This place is where you’ll stay, watch hours slip away
Forever and a day – hurry – up – and – wait!
Can’t get past, right here until the last
You’re going nowhere fast – hurry up and wait
Waiting for a reply, waiting you don’t know why
You’ll even wait to die – hurry up and wait
There’s no point in trying to figure it out
You’ll only drive yourself insane
Cuz the fastest route from point A to point B
Is a bullet straight through your brain!
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait
Hurry up and wait and wait!


released May 7, 2017
Sebastian Bendix - vocals & guitars, Chris Punsalan - bass, Bone Douglas - drums



all rights reserved


Low Octane Los Angeles, California

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